Chocolate Diamond Jewelries: Timeless Elegance

levian chocolate diamond ring

Have you heard of chocolate diamonds? Is there really such a thing as chocolate diamond? Can chocolates and diamonds go together? Well, Chocolate Diamonds is a registered trademark of Le Vian Corporation; a company that produces jewelries made from brown colored or champagne colored diamonds. Brown diamonds have been around for some time now, but they are not the favorite when it comes to creating fine jewelries.

Thank God Le Vian Corp has come up of ways to market brown diamonds in a way that is more appealing to jewelry lovers, especially to diamond collectors. Chocolate diamonds have become the mainstream; to the point that even famous Hollywood celebrities are wearing them on red carpet. Today, you will find all sorts of jewelries made from chocolate diamonds including chocolate diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, among many others.

Unique style

Traditional white/clear diamonds are very common. Every day you see someone wearing clear diamonds, but not every day you see someone wearing chocolate colored diamonds. Now, if you want to create your own identity and want to become completely unique from the rest, then try on chocolate diamonds. It has a unique shade and contrast and is available in different hues. Some of the available hues include cognac, cinnamon, deep clove, and honey. With these available hues, you got to choose the one that perfectly matches your skin tone, personality, and fashion taste.

The Chocolate Diamond setting

Chocolate diamonds are versatile gemstones. They fit well in different designs and settings. They look best alone or even when combined with other gemstones. Some jewelers combine chocolate diamond and clear diamond to further increase the value and desirability of the jewelry. Light brown diamonds need adequate lighting to bring out shine and luster while dark colored chocolate diamonds look best in an enclosed setting. Brown diamonds are best paired with precious metals too such as gold, but they look best when paired with white gold and rose gold.

Timeless elegance of Chocolate Diamonds

As the famous saying goes, “diamonds are forever.” Well, they truly are! This precious stone has not only a symbol of forever, but a symbol of classic and timeless elegance. It has become the expression of love; an undying love. If you want to follow the tradition, then you can opt for a clear diamond or also known as traditional diamond. On the other hand, if you want to still follow the tradition, but want to be truly unique from the rest, then try on chocolate diamonds. These diamonds are eternal and symbolize love that is beyond forever. Chocolate diamonds are truly distinct from the rest. They beauty and elegance made it appealing to the eyes of diamond lovers. Today, you will find promise bands, engagement rings, eternity rings, and wedding rings for both men and women made from chocolate diamonds.

Where to buy chocolate diamonds?

The popularity of chocolate diamonds had led to increase in demand, which also means that their market value has drastically increased. You might be wondering where is the best place that offers real chocolate diamonds at a reasonable price. Well, Le Vian has the real thing and their price is more affordable when compared with other jewelry stores online. The company has also authorized other jewelry stores to sell high quality chocolate diamonds such as Jared, Jay Jewellers, Zales, and even Amazon. Cheap chocolate diamond rings and necklaces are offered at these stores. It is where you can find the best deal on chocolate diamonds.

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